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Mindful at Work helps you develop and retain your talented employees by giving them the skills they need to thrive and take ownership of their well-being.

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Create a mindful culture at work

Give your employees the most effective tools for enhancing creativity, skillful candor, and collaboration, while building focus, resilience, and trust.

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Scalable, with easy onboarding

We create a custom well-being program right-sized for your business, delivered through a combination of:

Best-in-class speakers

Mindfulness-based curriculum

Measurable benefits, backed by science


Increased productivity


Greater resilience to stress


Improved sleep quality

Smiling mindful woman sits at desk with laptop
Smiling mindful woman sits at desk with laptop

Demonstrate your commitment to well-being

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Show your employees (present and future) how your organization demonstrates its commitment to well-being and secure your standing as an employer of choice. Get real about caring for your employees with Mindful at Work.

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